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University Club Scholarship Requirements for Application and Eligibility


The West Virginia University Club, in conjunction with the Loyalty Permanent Endowment Fund, is offering up to five scholarships of up to $2,000 each, to be awarded in the Fall of 2016 for the 2016-2017 academic year.  This would be up to $1,000 per semester and not to exceed $5,000 total for all scholarships awarded.  There will be no summer awards.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must be:
  • A West Virginia resident.
  • A child, spouse, or other legal dependent of a benefit-eligible WVU employee or retiree, who is also a dues-paying member of the University Club during the period of application and through the period for which the scholarship extends.
  • A full-time undergraduate (enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester during the academic year) of WVU’s Morgantown Campus.  This scholarship applies to only undergraduate applicants.  
Academic Eligibility
  • 2.50 high school grade-point average.
  • 2.50 freshman grade-point average.
  • 2.75 sophomore and above grade-point average.
Submission Requirements

Each applicant must submit:
  • The completed and signed Scholarship Application.
  • A copy of the Sponsors previous years Federal Income Tax Form (for determination of financial need).
  • An official copy of your high school transcript or GED scores, and a copy of your SAT or ACT scores, for entering freshmen.  An official college transcript if you have attended college.  Grade-point average must be calculated on the official transcript.  
  • Two letters of reference: one academic and one related to community service or employment experiences.
  • A letter with the applicant’s signature and Student ID giving us permission to look at the files at the WVU Financial Aid Office to help us determine eligibility.
  • A two-page, double-spaced, essay to be evaluated as part of the selection process by the University Club Scholarship Awards Committee.  No name or identifying information should appear within the essay.  Please include a title page with the applicant’s name. The essay should address the applicant’s
    • Past achievements and educational goals
    • Community and/or state service activities and career aspirations
    • A statement concerning the benefits of receiving the scholarship. Please indicate how this scholarship will help you pursue your career goals and give back to the community.
Selection Process

Candidates will be evaluated based on academic standing, an anonymous essay, and reference letters.  Financial need is used only as a tiebreaker.  Finalists may be asked to appear before the Scholarship Committee for an interview and/or short writing assignment.

Scholarship Award

Previous recipients of awards may re-compete by submission of an application in subsequent years of eligibility.  If the student is awarded other scholarships through the University that bring the total amount of scholarships received to over $2,000, the University Club scholarship will be reduced to bring the total award down to $2,000, even if it means totally eliminating it.  Should the notification of another WVU scholarship follow disbursement of a University Club scholarship, only future disbursements will be affected.  There are no retroactive reimbursement requirements.  Should the University Club sponsor leave employment with the University, die, or become permanently disabled, the scholarship will remain active for the completion of the current academic year.

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