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  • Is open to employed and retired members of the faculty, staff, and administration of WVU, their spouses; trustees of the WVU Foundation; and others affiliated with WVU.
Membership Benefits
  • Enjoy opportunities to meet and socialize with others at the University from a wide range of departments.
  • New staff and faculty have free membership for the first year
  • Scholarship potential for member dependents 
  • Members are entitled to attend meetings, vote, serve on committees, hold office, and receive discounts for events
Membership Dues
  • Are $60 per year
  • Are payable by check or payroll deduction
  • Payroll Deductions
    • $5 per month for 12 month employees
    • $6.67 per month for 9 month employees
  • Checks are pro-rated by month and are on a fiscal year basis:
    • $60 if joining in July
    • $55 if joining in August
    • $50 if joining in September
    • $45 if joining in October
    • $40 if joining in November
    • $35 if joining in December
    • $30 if joining in January
    • $25 if joining in February
    • $20 if joining in March
    • $15 if joining in April
    • $10 if joining in May
    • $5 if joining in June
Membership Termination
  • Members may terminate their payroll deductions by informing the University Club or Payroll Accounting in writing, and allowing 3 weeks processing time prior to the date that the deductions are to cease.